Friday Mailbag (February 15th Edition)

Here’s a recap of this week’s Friday mailbag from our Facebook page!

Goldie Reynolds asks “When’s the movie coming out?”

Our premiere date is all depend on our first festival date as most of the big festivals want that “World Premiere” status for your first outing. We’re aiming for a full release this summer!

Millie Smith asks: “Who pick the name of the movie and why? Cass is such a spiritual place on earth i cant wait to go back to visit.”

GREAT question! We took a long time trying to find the right title for the film. The original working title was “Memories of Ghosts” which was a play on the idea that history is, at times, referred to as “ghosts of the past.” Somehow that felt a little too “thriller/suspense” movie… For awhile it was “Sweet Voice Calling” which felt closer, but not quite right.

Then, as we were looking at old railroad terms, Kim stumbled upon the “angel’s perch,” which is a reference to the seats in the top of a caboose and it just fit on so many levels. We kept trying other things, but felt nearly as right as that. And so our story found its name… 🙂

Rick Riblett asks “While filiming, were there many changes from the original script or was it pretty locked in?”

Though the script was pretty much locked in by the time we arrived in West Virginia (three weeks before we started shooting), we were tweaking the script literally right up until day one. And, even on set during the shoot, we’d tweak a line to clarify or to make it feel more natural coming in the actor’s voice.

The story never changed, but there were moments of magic that happened when the actors or the director had an idea to try a line a little differently. But, we only tweaked when we felt it served the story we were telling and got us closer to that goal.

Craig Selwitz – “After the festival circuit, any plans for something like a large outdoor screening at Snowshoe during the Summer?”

That’s certainly something that we have considered (you’re not the first person to suggest that!) and we’ll be talking with our partners at Snowshoe Mountain Resort to see what we can work out.

Friday Mailbag (February 1st Edition)

Lots of great questions this week on our Facebook page! Here’s what we’ve got!

Sara Spector asks: “Did you have the music score in mind before you shot the film? Or did it come after?”

When J.T. wrote the script, he knew pretty early that he wanted to incorporate bluegrass, traditional and old time music into the film because it invokes such a strong sense of place and really helps to establish the world of the film…that, and he’s a big fan of the music.

As we were working through the edit, we pulled a ton of different temp tracks to get a sense of how it would all play in the film but, when Chris Eldridge joined the team, we gave him free reign to write and create. He has written some really beautiful music that both supports the story and settles us into that world we were trying to create on screen and we couldn’t be happier with the results!

Wanda Starke asks: “Did you use any local people and if not, why?”

As a matter of fact, we did! Two of our lead actors are locals. Michael Holstine plays our Doc Snyder and Homer Hunter plays the role of Delbert, who is the local postman and leader of a local band that’s also featured pretty heavily in the film! Dwayne Kennison also joined us in a featured role.

We also had a ton of locals get a taste of what it takes to make a movie happen by joining us for crowd scenes and small parts!

Trent Zundell asks: “Did you have scenes that you envisioned in one type of weather but you had to change because the weather wasn’t cooperating? Or was weather just something you hadn’t any specific notions about?”

YES! We had a fairly elaborate plan for a “cake walk” scene that was to take place outside the community center but, on the day we had it scheduled (and the day on either side), it just poured the rain and there was no way around it. We moved it inside a large hall and our (BIG shout out to our Art Department) decked out the space and made it beautiful.

Mike Long asks: “Comment about working with rail equipment (In this case, the Cass Scenic Railroad’s equipment) and what challenges that posed to your production.”

The toughest thing about working with the train was the sound. Believe it or not, steam engines are pretty noisy at times! We had one scene that we shot while the train was at the depot and we had to time our takes out with the engineers releasing of the steam. The microphones pick up all kinds of noise and, because we use different shots, that noise varies a little and requires some work to smooth out.

The folks working the train at Cass were a huge help, though…doing all they could to minimize the sound and help us stay on schedule!

Bigger budget films would just reschedule that day but, with so many moving parts on a very tight budget and timeframe, we had to constantly adjust.

Thankfully, though, there were a few other big outdoor days that were just gorgeous.

Pat Sergent asks: “What cameras did you shoot with? Does anyone shoot film anymore?”

Thanks to a new filmmaker’s grant from Panavision, we shot on a RED camera, which is one of the highest quality digital cameras available. Independent film is tough…while film will always have its place in moviemaking (certainly on a higher budget level), for cost effectiveness and flexibility, digital is the way to go right now.

Susan Breece asks: “What were some of the favorite things that the cast and crew liked about West Virginia?”

To be perfectly honest, the cast and crew didn’t have too much time to do much outside of filming. There were a few hiking days but, outside of that, most people took days off to sleep. We think everyone is looking forward to coming back and having a little time to enjoy themselves!

Friday Mailbag (January 25th Edition)

Every Friday on our Facebook page, we open up the “Friday Mailbag”! Got a question for us about making movies? Angel’s Perch (within reason, NO SPOILERS PEOPLE!)? Anything else? You can ask us about anything and we’ll do our best to answer it! Here’s what we got this week!

Millie Smith asks: “When you guys were on the church steps filming the movie how difficult was it filming due to the rain?”

Our whole first week of filming, we were battling the rain. It would come and go, off and on all day. In fact, we had to move one whole scene inside the Masonic Lodge because of the rain. On a film our size (with only 18 days to shoot the whole film), weather can be a killer.

But, we have to give props to our amazing crew, who just threw on the rain gear and kept us moving forward, quickly shooting when the rain stopped to get it done. With any other crew, we could have easily fallen behind.

And, week two and three were gorgeous!

Aubrey C Skeen Jr asks: “When will this movie debut?” and Noah Morrison asks: “Will you show it at one of the theaters near Huntington West Virginia?”

Our premiere will all depend on our first festival date as most of the big festivals want that “World Premiere” status for your first outing. Our hunch, however, is that it’ll be this summer!

And, with regards to showing in Huntington, you can bet we’re going to be bringing this film home for people all over WV to see it. We were fortunate to have a number of folks reach out with an interest in helping us get it into WV theaters and, once we know that first festival date, our WV premiere and screening schedule will all fall into place.

Carmen Cavallo asks: “How much more difficult is it, if at all, do a movie in a more rural area like Cass than in a more urban area?”

Great question! Every location comes with some challenges and we knew this would be no exception. The toughest thing about shooting in Cass was getting the people and equipment we needed to the location. We had to find the right vendors who had what we needed, weren’t too far away, could give us a rental for the 3 weeks we needed it and had a truck we could rent to get it to and from the rental house. And flying people in on our budget meant car rides to and from Pittsburgh and D.C. to shuttle folks.

The BEST thing for us about shooting in Cass were the people and organizations who were willing to help (which are much harder to find in the cities). Local organizations like Cass Scenic Railroad, Snowshoe Mountain Resort, Pocahontas County Convention and Visitors Bureau, NRAO Green Bank Science Center and the countless number of volunteers (friends, family and strangers) who came out to lend a hand however they could.

Oh, and the scenery….can you BEAT that SCENERY?! 🙂

Kim Hodge Burnett asks: “So of all the things that go into producing a film, what’s been your absolute favorite part and what’s been the worst part?”

Wow! Tough question… I think the best part of working on this film has been meeting and connecting with a ton of amazing new people who we now consider friends. It’s been an incredible two years bringing us to “now” and we feel like a whole community of people have joined us to make this movie. It’s been humbling…

The worst part? The ENORMOUS amount of detailed paperwork required to get everything done and done right. So many details and one misstep can cause a ton of problems. Thankfully, there’s two of us. 🙂

Susan Breece asks: “How long does it take to set up lighting for an outdoor scene and for an indoor scene?”

It totally depends on the time of day and how big the scenes are. Lighting for indoor scenes is a little easier because the light around you isn’t changing so much. Outdoor can be tricky because of the sun and clouds constantly changing. PLUS, you shoot each scene from different angles so, even when you finish shooting the scene focusing on one character, you’re going to move the camera and lighting equipment to get “coverage” on the other character.

Generally speaking, it took about an hour for the first set-up of a scene and about 20 – 30 minutes to change angles during the day. Though we did have a couple of larger scenes and night shots that took a few of hours to set up!

Trent Zundell asks: “When you submit the movie to a festival, is it automatically shown at that festival or does it go through a selection process before being entered into a festival (or does each festival handle things differently in that regard)?”

Great question! Festival competition is pretty fierce, especially for the “Top Tier” festivals (Sundance, SXSW, Tribeca, etc.) Believe it or not, Sundance received over 12,000 submissions this year! There is a team of folks at each festival who watch every film and whittle down that list to a select few that will compete for various awards.

BUT, as you work your way through the circuit, depending on your reviews and success in the higher level fests, smaller festivals will actually invite you to screen with them. For a film our size, those smaller fests give us a chance to screen all over the country!

That’s it for this week!

Meet our Composer: Chris Eldridge

25088_362544499579_6896699_nWe are THRILLED to introduce you to our composer, Chris Eldridge. We met Chris through an amazing set of circumstances (shout out to The Bluegrass Situation!) and could not be more thrilled to have him on the team. Chris is probably best known for his work as the guitarist for The Punch Brothers and, prior to that, his work with the Infamous Stringdusters.

With an enormous amount of talent, family roots in Charleston, WV and also having been touched by Alzheimer’s through his grandmother, he was the perfect match to help us create the musical landscape of Angel’s Perch. And, for a first time composer, we can tell you he’s killin’ it! 🙂

Chris brought together an extraordinary group of musicians to bring his music to life including:

Rayna Gellert
Adam Hurt
Paul Kowert
Dominick Leslie
Kristin Andreassen

Stay tuned for more on all of these artists!

Feature in this week’s Pocahontas Times!

It’s a Wrap: ‘Angel’s Perch’ Completes Filming

It was a bittersweet day Saturday for the cast and crew of the Cass-based movie “Angel’s Perch.” The group gathered at the Artist’s Gallery in Green Bank for the shoot for the movie about a man who returns home to assist his grandmother, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease.

The movie was written by J.T. Arbogast and is based on his own grandmother, Dess Kane, and her struggle with the disease.

“Polly,” the grandmother character, is portrayed by Joyce Van Patten, a veteran of stage and screen.

Van Patten said her three weeks in the county were a wonderful “vacation” from the hustle and bustle of the city.

“You are in the middle of nowhere, there’s no cellphones and I enjoyed conversation,” she said. “It’s lovely. Everybody wants to talk. People don’t do that enough, so it’s a very nice thing.”

Click here to read the full article!

Joyce Van Patten

Joyce Van Patten most recently appeared at Playwrights Horizons in Amy Herzog's The Great God Pan. Broadway appearances include People in the Picture, Brighton Beach Memoirs,I Ought to be in Pictures, Rumors, Jake's Women (all Neil Simon); Taller than a Dwarf, More to Love. Lincoln Center: Fair Country, Ring Around the Moon. Signature: The Oldest Profession. MTC: Labor Day. The Public: The Seagull. Chicago: Show Boat. Los Angeles: Ahmanson Theatre: Dead End. Geffen Theatre: Rabbit Hole. Huntington Theater: The Cherry Orchard. Films include: The Fitzgerald Family Christmas, Grown Ups, Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding, This Must Be the Place, Mame, Bad News Bears, St. Elmo's Fire. And lots of TV.


Ally Walker

Ally Walker has made her mark in both television and film, at first, starring in daytime's Emmy winning Santa Barbara, and True Blue, followed by as turn a private eye in the series Moon Over Miami. As Samantha Waters in Profiler, she played a forensic psychologist with a dark past. In HBO's Tell Me You Love Me she received critical acclaim for her portrayal of "Katie." Walker appeared for three seasons as the sociopath ATF Agent June Stahl on Sons of Anarchy, FX's critically acclaimed dramatic hit series. Her most recent series role was Gloria Shepherd in the Lifetime's The Protector. Ally also made several guest appearances on Matlock, L.A. Law, Wings, The Shield, Law & Order, Boston Legal, Southland, Law & Order Special Victims Unit, and many more hit series and several made for television movies.

On the big screen, Ally first appeared in Cameron Crowe's cult classic Singles. This was followed by the action flick, Universal Soldier and Steal Big, Steal Little, which starred Andy Garcia and was directed by Andrew Davis; Toe to Toe; Wonderful World with Matthew Broderick; and her well-remembered role as "Ashley Bartlett Bacon," Peter Gallagher's girlfriend in While You Were Sleeping.

She made her New York stage debut in Alan Ball's Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, alongside Thomas Gibson and Allison Janney. Recently, Ally returned to New York to appear in the final all-star cast of Nora Ephron and Delia Ephron's Love, Loss and What I Wore.

Ally has always been an environmental and child welfare activist, supporting such organizations as Environmental Defense Fund and CYFC Children Youth and Family Collaborative. Ally is most proud of her documentary For Norman...Wherever You Are. It chronicles Ally's experience through the Los Angeles Foster Care System, a journey that she was inspired to take after helping a mother and her one-year-old boy get off the streets. This film raised awareness of the flawed but necessary system and was essential to enacting significant reform not only in Los Angeles, but throughout the state of California. Additionally, this heartfelt project won Best Documentary Feature at the San Fernando Valley International Film Festival, as well as the Champion of Conscience Award at Wine Country Film Festival.

Ally was born in Tullahoma, Tennessee and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Walker studied biology and chemistry at the University of California, Santa Cruz and went on to work for a genetic engineering firm in San Francisco. While spending a semester at Richmond College of the Arts in London, Walker became interested in theater but did not pursue it as a career in lieu of her education in the sciences. After graduating with a science degree, she continued to work in genetic engineering until she was spotted in an L.A. restaurant and cast her in her first project. She currently resides in Santa Monica with her husband, sons and three dogs.


Ashley Jones

Ashley Jones is one of Hollywood?s most versatile actresses on the rise having garnered her break-out role as the scene-stealing Merlott?s waitress, ?Daphne,? throughout the second season of HBO?s hit vampire-series, TRUE BLOOD.

Since then, she has been seen recurring and guest starring in numerous top-rated television shows including, but not limited to, THE MENTALIST, CSI, HOUSE, PRIVATE PRACTICE, CSI: NY, FLASHFORWARD, DROP DEAD DIVA, and BONES. Jones is currently recurring on the CW's 90210. She also has starred in several notable LIFETIME movies.

Jones enjoys working behind the camera as well. She was proud to receive her first producing credit for the TV film, DEAD AT 17, for Lifetime. She has gone on to produce and star in other movies for the same network, one of which, A SISTER'S REVENGE, airs in April 2013.

Having wanted to act since she was a young girl, Jones began performing in theatre at nine years old as the lead in Enid Bagnold?s English play, ?The Chalk Garden.? She has come a long way since then and is grateful to have already been given the opportunity to work with talents such as Luke Wilson & Will Farrell in the hugely successful comedy, OLD SCHOOL, as well as Betty White, Oscar Award Nominee John Hawkes and Academy Award Winners Ellen Burstyn and Alan Ball.

Furthermore, the People's Choice and Daytime Emmy Nominated actress can be seen as ?Bridget Forrester? on the #1 serial drama in the world, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL.

Jones actively participates with STEP UP WOMEN'S NETWORK, a national charity connecting professional women with underprivileged teens. She is on the hosting committee for the 2013 Inspiration Awards. When not working, volunteering or traveling, she can be found hiking, writing and playing violin.

Jones was born in Memphis, Tennessee, raised in Texas and currently resides in Los Angeles.


J.T. Arbogast

J.T. is a Los Angeles-based writer, actor and producer.

Prior to arriving in Los Angeles, J.T. spent four years as the Associate Director of the critically acclaimed National Comedy Theatre in New York, of which he was also an original cast member. In addition to his work as Assoc. Director at NCT, J.T. served as a lead facilitator for WITS Teambuilding, an improv comedy based corporate training program.

In 2008, J.T. also produced a highly successful production of Love Jerry as a part of the New York Musical Theatre Festival (4 Best of Fest awards and 3 Talkin' Broadway Summer Citation Awards).

Film/T.V.: When In Rome, "30 Rock", "Puppy Love", "Office 2010: The Movie" (web). Theatre: Midsummer Night's Dream, Metamorphoses, Mr. Kolpert, The Spitfire Grill, Are We There Yet?. He holds a B.A. from Penn State University, an M.F.A. from the University of Texas at Austin and has been mistaken for Ed Helms more times than he can count.


Ellen Crawford

As the efficient Nurse Lydia Wright on the NBC series 'ER', Ellen Crawford had the distinction of uttering its first line. Her character went on to marry Sgt. Al Grabarski, played by her real-life husband, Mike Genovese. Nurse Lydia was on staff at fictional County General Hospital for ten seasons, then returned for the series finale in an homage to the first scene of the pilot.

Ellen has guest starred on 'Grey's Anatomy', 'Desperate Housewives', 'Mental', 'Without A Trace', 'Boston Legal' and 'CSI', as well as many other shows. Feature films include recent releases 'Model Minority' and 'Petunia', as well as 'The Man From Earth', 'Soldier', 'Cries Of Silence', 'The War Of The Roses' and 'Remember' for which her role as an Alzheimers patient garnered her a Best Actress nomination at the California Independent Film Festival.

On Broadway, Ellen originated the role of the ancient and intimidating Sister Lee in 'Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?' Off Broadway she has appeared in 'The Misunderstanding' and 'A Touch Of The Poet'. Regional theatre audiences have seen her as Miss Havisham in the musical ?Great Expectations, Emily Dickinson in 'The Belle Of Amherst', and opposite husband Mike Genovese in both 'On Golden Pond' and 'Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?'.

Ellen and Mike have a personal interest in Alzheimer's education and research, as Mike's mother succumbed to the disease in 2010.


Elisabeth Hower

Elisabeth started her career in New York. She first appeared in pilots, such as the G4?s Undercover Cheerleaders, a mostly improvised exploration of how hard it is to be blonde, as well as independent films like Happy Hour, and plays. More recently, Elisabeth guest starred on Louie, and was a series regular on MTV's critically acclaimed I Just Want My Pants Back. She also just completed work on the feature Hairbrained with Brendan Fraser, as well as a multi-episode arc on USA's Suits.

Elisabeth earned her B.A. in Theatre from Marymount Manhattan College, and spent a year in Paris studying theatre with legendary clown Philippe Gaulier. Yes, with a red nose.


Homer Hunter

Homer Hunter is a native of the Boone County coalfields in West Virginia. After high school graduation, he joined the United States Marine Corps and is a proud Vietnam veteran. Homer was employed by E. I. DuPont for 27 years, retiring in 1993.

Homer was born into a musical family of eight children. While growing up, he and his siblings sang together in the churches where their father preached. Since 1975, Homer has been singing and playing guitar with local Bluegrass groups. He has produced two albums, Bluegrass Melodies and Daddy Did His Job for the Lord, a collection of family favorites.

Homer currently lives on the banks of the Greenbrier River in Pocahontas County, West Virginia, where he dedicates his time to community projects. He has served on the Board of Directors for Allegheny Mountain Radio and the Pocahontas County Senior Citizens, worked at Allegheny Echoes Music School, volunteered as radio disc jockey at WVMR, and served as Commander of the Durbin American Legion. He is a member of the Presbyterian Church of America and grandfather to Grace and Olivia. Every September, he hosts a gathering of music loving family and friends from around the country. This event is an opportunity for old friends and new to showcase traditional mountain music.


Jesse Sharp

Jesse Sharp is currently playing Gomez Addams on the national and international tour of The Addams Family musical. Other stage credits include: Grease - Asia (Vince Fontaine) Henry and Mudge - US (Henry's Dad) Regional: Utah Shakespeare Festival: Great Expectations the Musical (Premiere) Macbeth (Bloody CPT/ Macbeth U/S) Merchant of Venice (Morocco) SRT-Santa Rosa Rep: The Wedding Singer, Lend Me a Tenor (Tito), Mame (Beau) New York: Genius Famous (NY Fringe), Autumn Moon (Wings Theatre) Los Angeles: Into the Woods (Baker) Hamlet (Hamlet), Peace in our Time (The Antaeus Company - LA Weekly theatre award) Film/TV: Angel's Perch (Festivals in 2013), Not Another Teen Movie, General Hospital, The Man Show + several TV and Radio commercials. Jesse has also performed Improv, Sketch and Standup comedy at The Groundlings, Upright Citizens Brigade, Improv Olympic, The Comedy Store and many more. Training: MFA - UC Irvine, BA - UCLA. Official Website


Michael Holstine

Michael is a West Virginia mountaineer, registered Professional Engineer and is the Business/Operations Manager for the National Radio Astronomy Observatory's Green Bank, WV facility, home of the largest fully-steerable radio telescope in the world. Living and working in very rural Pocahontas County has not diminished his work with the arts and media as he has hosted several national and international film crews (French 5, NHK-TV, 1TV, BBC, Al Jazeera), television productions (National Geographic, Animal Planet, PBS, NBC, CBS) and produced the facility's own tour film. Being a 3-dimensional thinker, he loves the technical aspect of filmmaking but is available to hold the boom mic when needed. He has also enjoyed time in front of the lens and has done several interviews for the small screen. On the big screen he has worked as an extra in John Sayle's 'Matewan' (1984), a farmer in the upcoming James Franco's 'Child of God' (2013), and most recently in his beloved role as the country doctor in 'Angel's Perch'. He loves the challenges of acting and the emotional charge it gives.


Conor O'Farrell

Conor began acting in 1977. He studied with Dena Dietrich for 3 years in LA and then moved to New York and studied with Uta Hagen and Stephen Strimpell at HB Studio for five years. He worked with Micheal Moriarty's theatre company, Potter's Field, in the early 80's. He did numerous plays across the country for the next 10 years including "A Zoo Story", Death of a Salesman, Glass Menagerie, Getting Out, Chamber Music, Tartuffe and won The Denver Drama Critic's Circle Award for Best Actor for the original play "PJ". Most recently he starred in the world Premier of John Kolvenbach's play "Goldfish" and the West Coast premiere of Noah Haidle's play "Saturn Returns", both at South Coast Rep.

He has starred in over 100 film and TV productions including HBO's Emmy winning mini-series' "The Pacific" and "From the Earth to the Moon", both produced by Tom Hanks. He played Undersheriff Jeff McKean on "CSI" for 3 years and is now recurring on "Law and Order: LA". Some recent film credits include "Stir of Echoes" with Kevin Bacon, "Flash of Genius" with Greg Kinnear and "The Lincoln Lawyer". He has recently played recurring characters on "Lie to Me", "Without a Trace", "Star Trek: Enterprise" and "Medium". Once a year he teaches a workshop at UCLA's MFA Theatre program. For all his credits check out and type in Conor O'Farrell.


Charles Haine

Charles Haine is a filmmaker/entrepreneur who has been working in the motion picture industry since 1999. After completely his MFA from USC in 2005, he has worked as a freelance director, cinematographer and colorist.

Charles recently wrapped production on his first feature film, ANGEL'S PERCH, starring JT Arbogast (30 Rock) Joyce Van Patten (Grown Ups), Ellen Crawford (ER), Ashley Jones (TRUE BLOOD) and Ally Walker (SONS OF ANARCHY). Shot in West Virginia, Angel's Perch is the story of a man coming home to take care of his ailing grandmother and finding a connection to himself he didn't know he had lost.

Charles has also had a successful career directing book trailers for a wide variety of clients, including the hit trailer PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES; DAWN OF THE DREADFULS for Quirk Books, Chuck Klosterman's THE VISIBLE MAN for Scribner and more than a dozen others. He also directed the music video for CAN'T GOTTA WORK IT OUT for Fitz and the Tantrums which was recently featured on the newly relaunched pop up video.

In 2012, Charles worked as the host for UNCHAINED REACTION, a discovery channel show produced by the Mythbusters.

Since founding Dirty Robber in 2008, he has grown it into a business with 12 full time employee?s providing production and post services to a wide gamut of clients, in addition to producing two feature films.

He also is an associate professor at Los Angeles City College teaching cinematographer and editing, and he teaches color grading, visual design and stereography at Columbia College Hollywood.


Kimberly Dilts

Kimberly Dilts is a producing artist who works as an actor, director, choreographer, writer, and teacher. After completing Angel?s Perch, Kim plans to further develop her three feature-length scripts with her partner J.T., shoot some comedy shorts, and finally learn French.

Past projects include producing, writing and performing in a tour of Abby & June, a two-person play about travel and identity, and producing and performing in Mr. Kolpert, a black comedy about suburban alienation. As a theatre director, she assistant-directed The Revenger?s Tragedy (Off-B?way), and has frequently collaborated with director Elena Araoz to create visually stimulating physical theatre that has graced stages across the country.

Kim also served as the Director of Operations for The Haitian Education and Leadership Program for several years, which taught her more about humility, determination and passion than any other experience to date.

TV: Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Dirty Sexy Money, 90210. Kim is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin MFA Acting program, and she holds a B.A. in theatre from the University of South Florida. She frequently plays evil characters and/or suicides, despite sporting super-cute dimples. She also enjoys voicing Anime.


J.T. Arbogast

Coming Soon...


Kimberly Culotta

Kimberly Culotta developed her love for the image at a young age as a painter. Wanting to keep the fine art "fine" she embarked to seek a more practical career. After studying Anthropology and Cinema Criticism (with only a minor in Painting) at USC, she began a career in film on a track towards producing. The first sets she experienced were as a producer, but the realization hit her almost immediately that the image was still her passion. She expedited the switch to Cinematography at the American Film Institute's Conservatory, where she was Awarded the Technicolor Grant for her thesis film.

Spending 14 hours straight on one painstaking image is a luxury you almost never get as a cinematographer, but the additional dimension of movement and the joy of collaboration has been an ever satisfying exchange. The challenge every new project brings to utilize the available tools and given restraints to express the human experience is an ever fulfilling embarkment, and Kimberly is thrilled to work on her second feature film with the team of Angel's Perch.


Chris Eldridge

As a member of Punch Brothers since the band's inception, guitarist Chris Eldridge has been at the vanguard of acoustic music for much of the past decade. Although initially drawn to the electric guitar, by his mid-teens Chris Eldridge had developed a deep love for acoustic music, thanks in part to his father, a banjo player and founding member of the seminal bluegrass group The Seldom Scene. Eldridge later gained in-depth exposure to a variety of different musical styles while studying at Oberlin Conservatory, where he earned a degree in music performance in 2004. During his time at Oberlin, Eldridge studied with legendary guitarist Tony Rice. After graduating he joined the Seldom Scene with whom he received a Grammy nomination in 2007. In 2005 he founded the critically acclaimed bluegrass band The Infamous Stringdusters. At the 2007 International Bluegrass Music Association awards Eldridge and his Stringdusters bandmates won Emerging artist of the Year, Song of the Year, and Album of the Year for their debut album, Fork in the Road.

Meanwhile, in 2005 he had caught the attention of mandolinist Chris Thile, who enlisted him, along with banjoist Noam Pikelny, violinist Gabe Witcher, and bassist Greg Garrison to start working on an ambitious side project. Soon after they decided to focus all of their collective energies into band and Punch Brothers was born. The band has since released 3 critically acclaimed albums, received 2 Grammy nominations and toured around the world.

Chris Eldridge has worked with a diverse cast of musical luminaries including Jon Brion, Fiona Apple, Paul Simon, John Paul Jones, Marcus Mumford, Justin Timberlake, T-Bone Burnett, Elvis Costello, Jerry Douglas, Sara Watkins, Del McCoury and others.


Aditya Nair

Adi has always loved visual storytelling. Growing up in India, with it's varied forms of art, Adi learned quickly there are many ways to tell a story. From there he spent eight years working in Mumbai and Dubai that exposed him to both eastern and western story structure. His passion for editing, and his extensive technical knowledge, means he has a wide range of skills and is well versed in the intricacies of how to tell a story. From feature films to music videos, his resume includes clients like Dirty Robber, Scrappy Cat Productions, Dell, Red Bull Records, Red Chilli Entertainment, Aamir Khan Productions, Burning Ghat Cinema, Boxer Films, Uprising Creative, Super Alright and many more. Adi loves to tell stories that are interesting and successful, but mostly stories that entertain and move.


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