Our Daily Thanks – 3/28

28K and still on the rise with 6 days left on the campaign trail! Everyday brings new surprises and more angels to our team. It’s been a busy few days, but we’re catching up to say hello to our newest angels:

Tammy Caloccia
Jeannine Roderigas
Ivan Sharp
Kathy Radl
Mike Bradecich
Lois Dirkes
Jeanette Bonner
M.D. Walton
Julian Ware
Nareissa Smith
Wayland & Pat Laudermilk
Nathan Boggs
Amanda Meyers
Derrick Eaves

Thanks so much for being a part of the team!

Our Daily Thanks – 3/23

What an amazing 36 hours it has been for us. As as announced yesterday via our Kickstarter campaign, we not only reached but surpassed our goal and we now stand at over $27,000 and we have 11 days left on the campaign trail! We are humbled, awed, inspired by each of the angels who have chosen to voice their support of our project. Thank you.

Say hello to the newest members of our army:

David Levine
Jonathan Calhoun
Dennis Liu
Cooper Rhea
Sarah Biller
Karen & Ted Arbogast
Ronnie Arbogast
Joe & Judy Mangine
Jean Craig
Jenny White
Westminster Manor – CCRC
Craig Akers
Tad Woods
Deborah Carbaugh
Nichola Smith
Michael E. Bloise
Che’Rae Adams
Denise Burns

Thanks for joining the team! We are thrilled to have you!

Our Daily Thanks – 3/21

As we head into our final two weeks of the Kickstarter campaign, we are less than $4,000 away from our goal. We are thrilled to have all of you on board and look forward to pushing through the last 13 days and reaching the finish line! Here’s our newest angels:

Gabe Wohl
Brett Covert
Sheila Balter
Tom & Judy Tarcson
C.J. Rice
David Roush
David Levine
Jonathan Calhoun

Thanks for coming on board!

Our Daily Thanks – 3/18

Today we arrived in Cass, where we’ll be for the weekend scouting a few locations and meeting with some folks in the area. Even better news, we crossed the 20K mark today!! We’re in the homestretch. 16 days to go! Say hello to our newest angels:

Lloyd A. Foe
Emily Rossi
Mike Flanagan
Courtney Bell
Josh Painting
Brad Friess
Aynsley Kirshenbaum
Debra Davis
Caroline McKean
Kevin & Megan Flinn (& Jerome Bettis Flinn)

Thanks for coming on board!