Our Daily Thanks – 3/15

We had a lot of new activity on the campaign today on top of a lot of folks reaching out to see how they could help! We continue to be inspired by all the folks joining our team. Here’s a list of our newest angels:

Quentin Stewart
Karen & Jeff Booher
Larry Pontius
Deepti Gupta
Karlye Dilts
Justing Leahy
David Williamson
Abbey Withrow
Liza Frank
Angela St. Gelais
Ingrid Bjerke
Carl McLaughlin

Thanks for coming on board!!

Our Daily Thanks – 3/13

Exactly 3 weeks to go and we crossed the 70% mark today. So thankful for all of you! Here’s today’s newest angels:

Paul McCauley
Jesse Sharp
Sherry Jones
Kim Matras
William Lewis
Kim Barry
Harry Kelly
Matt Anderson

Welcome to the team! We’re thrilled to have you!!

Our Daily Thanks – 3/10

Our apologies that we missed a day on “Our Daily Thanks.” It’s been a little crazy here this week as we are now t-minus 24 hours away from leaving L.A. for 8 weeks on the ground in WV. We are so looking forward to being there.

Until then, we take a moment out to welcome our new angels. Say hello to:

Joshua Bartlett
Jill Zundell
Judy Kane
Sarita Hudson
Chris Presley
Terry Cole
John McLachlan
Elia Nichols
Tom & Diane Minns
Homer L. Hawley
Elizabeth Currence Yagodinski

Thanks for joining the team!

Kickstarter Video #2: Director Charles Haine

In this week’s video, our director Charles Haine talks about why he got involved with the film and also about his own experience with Alzheimer’s disease.

Keep spreading the word, people! This “Army of Angels” cannot be stopped!

Our Daily Thanks – 3/7

We received a great write-up today from The Daily Athenaeum! Much love and thanks to Mackenzie Mays for reaching out and writing the article! You can check that out here.

And we’ve got some new angels to thank. Here’s the newest members of the army:

Patricia Cressley
Beth Gray
Hillary Samples
Amy Bertsch
Dennis Kalup

Thanks for coming on board. 67% of our goal and we’re still climbing!

Until next time…