Our Daily Thanks – 3/5

Edging forward in our campaign, we’ve reach 65% of our goal! Here’s today’s newest Angels:

Jonathan Arbogast
Ann Sammon
Kristina Kampf

Thanks so much for joining the team! One week from today we begin our on the ground prep work in WV!

Until next time, keep spreading the word!

Our Daily Thanks – 3/3

We got a nice write-up in The Pocahontas Times today announcing the film and spreading the news to the area in and around where we’ll be shooting later this summer. Many thanks to them for helping to get the word out! You can read that here.

And we gained a couple of new angels today on the Kickstarter campaign who helped get us over the 16K mark! Here they are:

Gloria Stickley
Doug and Suzanne Arthur

Thanks for joining the team!

Until next time…

Our Daily Thanks – 3/2

We crossed over the century mark with our number of angels today! Say hello to the newest members of the team:

Suzanne Stewart
C.J. Borden
Norris Long
Jim Arbogast
Elisabeth Hower
Sarah Rose Anderson
Charles Haine
Samantha Huckabee

Thanks for joining the team!

Our Daily Thanks – 3/1

Kicking off March with a BANG. Kickstarter added us as a featured project on their front page today. We couldn’t have done it without all of you. Much love and thanks to today’s angels:

Jason and Julie Ray
Joe Dashiell
Laci Billotti
Louisa Smith

Thanks for coming on board! We’re thrilled to have you. 🙂

Our Daily Thanks – 2/28

What a way to close out the month of February! 10 days in and we are at 60% of our goal. Someone even checked in from AUSTRALIA!

And we got a lovely shoutout from SRR Colvin’s blog, which you can check out here: http://srrcolvin.blogspot.com/

Say hello to our newest Angels:

Andrew Minns
Shermo (from Melbourne!)
Susan Colvin Brewer
Fr. Edward Walk
Douglas Bream

Much love and thanks for joining the team. We continue to be overwhelmed and honored to have you all with us.

Until tomorrow…