Our Daily Thanks – 2/27

We celebrated Oscar Sunday by continuing to roll toward our goal. Received some lovely messages today from folks who are continuing to help us spread the word and for that, we thank you. Say hello to our newest Angels:

eda advantage
Ryan Kirkwood
Katrina Foltz Miner

Thanks for coming on board!!

Our Daily Thanks – 2/26

53% and still climbing. And word continues to spread far and wide.

On Thursday, we had a nice write-up from Explore Pocahontas, you can see that here.

This morning we received a shout-out from Steve Fasenmaier’s WV Film blog over at the Charleston Gazette. You check that out here.

Here’s our list of new angels for today:

Mary Moore
Joanna Plunkett & Theo Love
Dallas & Bernadette McDowell
Abby Wathen
Melissa Mungle
Eric Wheeler

Much love and thanks to each of you!

Our Daily Thanks – 2/25

What an amazing way to end the first week of our campaign. As of 10:28pm this evening, we have successfully reached half of our minimum goal amount. Not only that, but we received some great news today about some upcoming press that’s going to help spread the campaign even further. So, thank you for all that you continue to do.

Here are the newest members of the team:

Christy Tost Weaver
Karen Ray
Brooks Run Mining
Rob and Marcy Little
Desiree Bellon

Thank you all very much!

Our Daily Thanks – 2/24

Wow. Today started with a bang and just kept on going. Thanks for rocking Day 6, angels. Here’s today’s thanks:

Naomi Peters
Erin Phillips
Mike Monroe
Shannon & Jill Zimmerman
George & Dona Bean
Erin Baldwin
Kristy Kane Rhea
Harry Hjardemaal & Mattia Botturas
Cathy and Joe Mitchell
Jenny L. Santilli

Thanks for a great Thursday, all! Until next time…

Our Daily Thanks – 2/23

We crossed the 20% mark today and continue to climb! We’ve been so touched that we’ve added the “Gallery of Angels” to our Facebook page as a slightly different way for us to say thank you to all of our angels. Here’s today’s newest team members:

My Parent’s Basement
Christopher Nillson
Jeff Lepine
D.W. Holt
Devin J. Heater
Liz Stahl
Justin W. Neufeld
Jeffrey Clouser

New video from our intern, Darin, coming this weekend…trust me, you don’t want to miss this.