Our Daily Thanks – 2/22

Day five complete and we creep ever so close to 20% of our goal.  And, we got some great messages from folks today who are helping us to spread the word.  Much love and gratitude to our newest angels:

Jessica Calderon
Tony Baer
Caprice L. Roberts
Kristen Andersen Bruckner
Linda Butterworth
Ron Evans
Laura Somers
Ann Marie Coverly
My Parent’s Basement
Christopher Nilsson

Until next time…

Music and Photos by…

Wanted to take a quick moment to give a shout-out to a couple of other people who assisted us in launching both this site and the Kickstarter campaign.

All of the beautiful images you see on each of these pages are being used courtesy of our friend Walter Scriptunas II over at Scriptunas Images. If you want to fall down the rabbit hole for a few hours and see some beautiful shots of West Virginia, as well as some sporting events and the NASA Space Program, you gotta check it out. You won’t be sorry.

And the music you hear in the video is courtesy of our friend Joe Thompson.  He’s got two albums full of great music that you should definitely check out.  Part country, part rock, part Americana, part folk, there’s something in his sound for everyone.  You can check out his music at his Official Website.

Our Daily Thanks – 2/21

Day four complete and Kickstarter took note of what we are doing and of your support and named us one of the “New and Noteworthy” campaigns! We continue to be overwhelmed with the generosity of all of you. Here’s today’s newest angels:

Lynda Dilts-Benson
Tommy Schoffler
Monica V. Fleming
Dave McDowell
Janet Warner & Nancy Mock
Cathy J. Sharp
Jenn Garrison
Jessica Calderon

Thanks for all that you do! Keep spreading the word! And be on the lookout for some fun new stuff on the campaign!

Our Daily Thanks – 2/20

As we close out day three of our Kickstarter campaign, we continue to be blown away by the kindness of people who believe in our project. Today’s addition to the team of angels are:

Jenny Webster
Melissa Kane
Gina Hussar
Dave Shobert
Shauna Maldonado
Jack C. Dolance II
Eileen Flinn
Justin Townsend
Basha Cohen
Amanda Pomeroy
Ray Xifo

Thank you for coming on board! Enjoy the ride. This is only the beginning.

Until next time…

Our Daily Thanks – 2/19

Day two complete and we are still feeling the love. Thanks to our newest angels:

Jeremy Lott
Gary Cohen
Danita Berg
Barbara Wolf
Jeff S
dre cummings
Elizabeth Wolcott
Beth Wittig
Jenny Webster

Thanks for keeping the momentum going! 43 Days to go!