Our Daily Thanks – 2/18

Wow…what can we say?  Thank you all for KICKSTARTING this campaign into high gear!

Much love and thanks to today’s angels:

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and to all the rest who Facebooked, Tweeted, emailed, etc. Thank you. This is only the beginning.

The journey begins…

So…. here we go! The first blog entry and the first days of what is sure to be an incredible journey. To kick us off, let’s start with the Why… or at least, my Why. If you’re reading this, you’re on this journey too, and have your own “Why” to share! (Which you should. In the comment section below).

So, Why Angel’s Perch?

Everyone has an emotional home. For me, that place is a tiny, turn of the century mill town hidden in the mountains of West Virginia named Cass. Cass was built around the logging industry that thrived in the mountains throughout the first half of the 20th Century, but in the 50’s, when the mill shut down, the town was left without an identity. Some local business owners (including my grandparents) petitioned the state to purchase the town and it became a State Park. Now tourists come to from all over to ride the old steam locomotives up and down the mountain to catch a glimpse of history.

It’s the place my family is from, it’s the place I spent every holiday and every summer growing up with my cousin and friends trying to stay out of trouble. It was kind of like Stand By Me meeting The Goonies (though we weren’t looking for dead bodies). And, I knew that someday I was going to write something about it, I just didn’t know what.

In 2004, my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and over the next few years, I watched as she slowly lost her memories and forgot the people around her. Through it all, though, the one thing she always held on to was the little town that she was from and had helped to save when the mill shut down. She was so proud of this place and these people. It was home. And, for me, there was something really poetic in seeing her struggle to hang on to her memories while living in a place that is a memory of a different time that, at some point,
will also fade away.

West Virginia is so often depicted in Hollywood films as a terrifying place where hillbillies are waiting to come down out of the mountains to kill college kids who made a wrong turn on a Spring Break road trip. But, that’s not the West Virginia I know and it’s not the West Virginia that is known by the folks who call it “home.” It’s a state full of beautiful landscapes, small towns and proud, hardworking people. I want to show that to the world. And, I want to celebrate this town and this state where people still sit on their front porch and wave, cake walks still happen in the summertime, that train still climbs up Back Mountain and every once in a while you hear that whistle blow and you know you’re home…and there are no hillbillies waiting there to kill you.

So, I wrote a movie. And to fund, create, and share this movie, I’m pulling together the best team I can come up with… which includes you. Maybe you or someone you know has been affected by Alzheimer’s or maybe you’re from West Virginia and you’re just as proud of the state as we are, or maybe you just like my hair. Whatever your “Why” is, we are happy to have you along for this ride. With just a few moments of your time and a few dollars, you can join a team of talented and passionate people who are making this film happen by visiting our Kickstarter Campaign and donating before April 15th. You’ll get a behind the scenes look at the whole process from casting to shooting all the way to a beautiful finished film, plus all kinds of other cool perks and gifts. Want to help but can’t spend much money? Share us with your friends! Volunteer your services! Offer us a couch to stay on! There are multiple ways to get involved, but remember, EVERY DOLLAR HELPS!

And as a bonus: 5% of what we raise during the initial Kickstarter Campaign will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Association of West Virginia. It’s one of the many ways we hope to give back throughout this process. We hope you’ll join us.

Special thanks to Walter Scriptunas for allowing us to use his images for the website.  You can check out his work at Scriptunas Images.  It’s truly beautiful.

And, special thanks to Joe Thompson for allowing us to use his music in the video.  If you’ve never listened to him, you can and you should by clicking here.

Until next time…