Angel’s Perch embraced throughout state – WV Public Broadcasting

“We set out to make a film that was a community-based project. The sort of out-pouring of support that we’ve received has been absolutely incredible, organizations like the Alzheimer’s Association and Snow Shoe Mountain Ski Resort and the WV Film Office, the Pocahontas County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, obviously the rail road, but also the individuals who came from miles away to to both be a part of what we were doing while we were shooting, but now that are just supporting it and doing everything they can to try to get the film seen.”

Great story on Angel’s Perch with Glynis Board from West Virginia Public Broadcasting! Click here and give it a listen!

Interview About Writing with Jacob Krueger Studio!

Jacob Krueger Studio

“This story wouldn’t let me go and I knew I wanted to write it…but, I honestly had no idea where to even begin. I was living in New York at the time and started searching around for a class. I had read books but, ultimately, there is something about a class experience that is so much more fulfilling than any instructional book could every be. And something about Jake’s class caught my eye…it wasn’t about an end game, it was about the process. The class kept me on a weekly schedule that helped me get into the routine of writing. It’s just like going to the gym…you may not want to do it sometimes, but you have to exercise the muscles every day.”

It all begins with the script and our script began in a class in late 2009 in New York. Check out J.T.’s interview with his former screenwriting teacher Jacob Krueger! Click here to read it now!

And don’t forget to catch Angel’s Perch at the AMC Loews 19th Street East in NYC on July 24th and 29th!

Ticket Links:
July 24th at 7:30PM –
July 29th at 7:30PM-

WDBJ-7 Covers our World Premiere!

“The red carpet was just a few feet wide, but the line of moviegoers wrapped around the corner at the WVSU Capitol Center Theatre in Charleston.

Angel’s Perch opened to a packed house Sunday night, after more than 3 years in the making.”

Big thanks to Joe Dashiell from WDBJ-7 who joined us for the premiere on Sunday night.  We thought his story really captured all the excitement and joy of the evening. Joe has been with us from the very beginning, supporting our Kickstarter campaign and updating our audience throughout! Check out the story below!

‘Angel’s Perch’ lands in Charleston – Charleston Gazette


‘Angel’s Perch’ lands in Charleston

Movie about Alzheimer’s disease shot in Pocahontas County

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Sunday night, the Capitol Center Theater is rolling out the red carpet for the world premiere of West Virginia’s own “Angel’s Perch.”

The film, shot last fall in Pocahontas County, completed post-production over the winter. The movie’s producers, husband and wife J.T. Arbogast and Kim Dilts, are in West Virginia this week and looking forward to sharing their little movie about a family’s struggle with Alzheimer’s disease in a small town.

They’re glad to be here, but kind of glad it’s over, too.

“It took almost three and a half years from beginning to end,” Arbogast said. “We got there with a lot of help from a lot of talented and dedicated people. It’s been an amazing journey.”

Click here to read the full story by Bill Lynch!

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