World Premiere set for FestivALL!

295361_574270509272638_1372246911_nWe are thrilled to announce the world premiere of Angel’s Perch as a part of FestivALL in Charleston, WV! A week long celebration of West Virginia arts and culture, we can think of no better place to bring Angel’s Perch to the big screen for the first time. We hope you can join us!

Angel’s Perch premieres at the WVSU Capitol Center Theater on Sunday, June 23rd at 7:00PM. Tickets are $10 in advance/$15 at the door and can be purchased at our website here:

The Angel’s Perch team will be on-hand directly following the show for a Q&A session with the audience.

Can’t join us in Charleston? Don’t worry, we’ll be adding screenings to the schedule daily and will update you throughout the next few weeks on where and when you can catch us in your neck of the woods. Stay tuned, friends!

Official Trailer is HERE!

It’s finally here, friends! For your consideration…

Our trailer is ready…are you?

Alright friends…here’s the scoop! We’ve got a trailer that’s 100% ready to go and we’ve got a challenge for you! Right now, we’re at 2,710 Facebook Fans…we want to see that number hit 4,000!! Can we get there? We think so!

Help us spread the word–share this photo and ask your friends to “Like” our Facebook page…. and when we hit 4,000 fans, we will release the trailer! Plus, we’ll unlock a contest for fans to win a producer’s pack of Angel’s Perch swag to celebrate.

We want to share it…. And we know you wanna see it… 🙂


Friday Mailbag (March 8th Edition)

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and we hadn’t had a chance to do this BUT, this week, we’re back at it! Here’s a recap of this week’s Friday mailbag from our Facebook page!

Susan Breece asks: “How long does it take to finish the movie after filming (like editing, etc)?”

Good question! Honestly, this varies from movie to movie. Sometimes it can take a year to edit, add special effects and all that jazz! For us, the process has been pretty smooth…thankfully (SPOILER ALERT!), we don’t have any explosions or alien landings.

We wrapped shooting at the end of September and went straight into the editing process. We’re tweaking the final credits as we speak so, all together, we spent about 5 months editing picture and sound, balancing color, adding a few visual effects and music!

Amy Porterfield asks: “Are you coming back to WV or VA to make anymore films in the future? You should really check rockbridge county in VA.”

We honestly LOVE that area of the country…obviously because WV is home, but also because it’s just absolutely gorgeous! We are developing a few other scripts/projects right now and it will all depend on what locations are called for in those stories.

But, trust us, if the story can be set there, we’ll be back. 🙂

MaryEllen Baker asks: “I’m wondering how did you choose music for the movie? With the movie being set in WV did you try and find native singers or songs?”

Most of the score is made up of either original music composed by Chris Eldridge or traditional songs that he chose and arranged with the amazing artists he brought in to record it! We had always known that we wanted Bluegrass/Old Time/Traditional music in the score, but Chris took it to a whole new level.

Within the film, J.T. actually wrote a role that called for a bluegrass/old time musician and a band to accompany him. Thankfully, WV native Homer Hunter came into our lives to fill those shoes and, with him, an extraordinarily talented group of local musicians who are featured throughout our film. 🙂

Susan Breece asks: “How did the casting process work? You really have some fantastic actors and actresses!”

It is a CRAZY PROCESS! It all starts with what they call a “Breakdown,” which is a list of all the characters and description of the role. That went out to agents who then submitted the actors that they thought fit each role. At the same time, we were calling agents and putting out offers to actors we wanted. It’s a fascinating process that requires a LOT of patience. We met with actors, talked to their representation, worked out availability (a GIANT jigsaw puzzle).

In the end, we got very lucky with our cast as we were able to assemble an AMAZING group of actors (both from L.A. and local) who believed in the story we were trying to tell and wanted to be a part of it!