It’s Official! Cameras will roll in September!

We can’t express how excited we are to send this email to you. After two years spent writing the script, another year and a half of development work and one huge leap of faith, our team is thrilled to announce that cameras will roll on Angel’s Perch the first week of September. It has been a long road with many peaks and valleys and numerous lessons, but all of it has led us to this moment: We are officially a GO!!

It takes time for all the elements of moviemaking to fall into place…films of all sizes can sometimes literally take years to find the means necessary to make it to the big screen. (Ghostbusters 3, anyone?)

But, our extremely dedicated team knows that our time to make this film is now, so when faced with the decision to shoot with less or push off for another 8 months, we decided to go forward with what we’ve got, and beg, borrow and steal the rest to make the beautiful film that we have all been waiting for.

We got creative with the budget, creative with our partnerships, and creative with our vision for a film that’s truly created by a community coming together to make it happen!  BIG shout out to our partners at the Alzheimer’s Association, West Virginia Chapter, the West Virginia Film Office, Snowshoe Mountain Resort, The Green Bank Observatory, Pocahontas County Convention and Visitors Bureau, Cass Scenic Railroad and, of course, to all our angels who have helped us get to this point!

So, what now?

Business is about to pick up!

Casting offers for some of our L.A. name talent went out last week, pre-production has begun, and there is a consistent surge of adrenaline flowing through our veins right now that will probably not end until October.

Folks interested in cast and crew spots: keep your eyes peeled for our email when we officially start hiring folks in late July/early August, but DON’T SUBMIT BEFORE THEN, or your stuff might get lost in the shuffle! And we’ll be putting the call out for volunteers very soon so, stay tuned!!

We hope you are as excited as we are! HERE WE GOOOOO!!!!!

A new list of Thanks!

We’ve had a number of new donations come in over the last several weeks and we wanted to take a moment to publicly say thank you to all of them! We are and continued to be honored to have the support of our community who believe in the mission at hand. So, without further ado, here are our newest Angels:

Flordelino Lagundino
Dora Hughes
Carmen Cavallo
The Daniels Family
Jennifer Gill
Troy Unverdruss
Linda B. Reagan
Elise Schnurpel
Diane & French Cox
William Shaver
Susan Graves
Basha Cohen
Tamera Hays
Sheila Balter
Dennis Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Perry Miller
Mary Lou Powell
Debra Unverdruss
Judy Prescott
Harry Hjardemaal
Dave Stern
David White

And special thanks to the Hamilton Foundation for their support!

Featured on!

Having the chance to share our journey with Maria Shriver and her followers was truly an honor. Seeing her tweet our essay out saying, “This is an Alzheimer’s film project worth supporting. Check it out!”  Now that was truly humbling.

Here’s a snippet…

Angel’s Perch: A Filmmaker’s Journey Through Alzheimer’s and Back Home

I remember…I remember the look on my Nana’s face when she saw family pull into the driveway.  I remember the look on her face when she caught my cousin and I sneaking into the house late one summer night well after curfew.

And, I remember the look on her face the first time she saw me and didn’t know who I was.

My story is not dissimilar from the millions of people who have watched Alzheimer’s slowly take away a loved one and felt powerless to stop it. We struggle to find an answer to the question, “What can I do?” For me, the answer came in the form of making a film…and this is the story of that journey.

Click here to read the full essay!

Angel’s Perch on WTAP

Much thanks to WTAP for having us on to talk about the film and help spread the word!

“Angel’s Perch” Producer on WTAP News at 5

Kim Dilts, the producer of “Angel’s Perch”, joined us on WTAP News at 5 to discuss a unique way she’s getting future fans involved in the filming process…

Check out the video here!