Nice Article from The Progress

It’s been a busy two weeks as we’ve been bouncing from WV to NYC and back to L.A.  As we gear up to return to West Virginia for one more round, we wanted to share a very nice write-up we received from The Progress in Clearfield, PA!

Former DuBois man’s movie inspired by life events
Saturday, April 23, 2011
By Jeff Corcino Staff Writer
“After years of acting and producing in New York City theaters, J.T. Arbogast of Los Angeles, formerly of DuBois, took the plunge to write and produce his first movie…”

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Great article from The Charleston Gazette!

The Charleston Gazette gave us some love this past Sunday with a great article about our project and our Kickstarter campaign. Check out a little excerpt:

Filmmakers ‘crowdsource’ their way to shooting movies in W.Va.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — “Crowdsourcing” has been a buzzword for years — and is now helping to bring West Virginia film projects to life.

From opposite sides of the country, Charleston native David Pushkin and J.T. Arbogast, whose extended family is based in the Cass area, have seen an infusion of thousands of dollars for their projects through a crowdsourcing website,Kickstarter.

“Kickstarter allows you to put your project out in the world as a litmus test for the viability of the project,” Arbogast said in a phone interview…

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More love from The Daily Athenaeum!

We received another great shout-out from The Daily Athenaeum yesterday! Special thanks to Mackenzie Mays, A & E Editor at the paper, who has been so supportive.

‘Angel’s Perch’ exceeds goals, looks to state, WVU for production
by: Mackenzie Mays

“When J.T. Arbogast set out to produce “Angel’s Perch,” a film dedicated to the place he refers to as his “emotional home,” he had no idea the support West Virginians would give him in return.”

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Our Daily Thanks – 4/5

We wanted to take a moment and acknowledge the last to join our Kickstarter “Army of Angels.” Thanks to you, in the closing moments of the campaign, we had a great surge to end the campaign and crossed over the $32,000 mark! Say hello to our newest angels:

Peter Fothingham
Rondi Fischer
Rev. Edward Lohse
Steve Cottle, Jr.
Nickolas A. Suplizio
Matthew Thornton
Jena Martin Amerson
Cathy McIntosh Zeches
Darin Guerrasio
Edward Kennison
Sarah Blackwell
Zach Freeman
Amanda Chapman
Sylvia Marie Sims
Ken Abrahamson
Kim Burnett
Chris Keeth
Samantha Figura
Angelique M. Suplizio
Patricia Shaffer
John L. Connor
Jessica Ferraday
Alexis Chamow
Frank & Jeanne
Michele Armstrong
Matthew Brom
Shelly Weidner
Karri Krause
Stewart Carrico
Jessica Kademenos
Dora Calliari Hughes
Strictly Annonomous
Niamh Bohan
Michael Kevin Walsh
Justin McQuaig

Thanks for joining the team! HERE WE GO!!

Our Daily Thanks – 3/31

As we close out the month of March and head into the final 4 days of our campaign, we crossed another threshold. This morning, we went over the $30K mark! We continue to reach new heights and we are grateful for each and every one of you. Say hello to our newest angels:

Robin Knotts
Jessica Swesey
Steve Przybylski
Larry Levine
Yves Colon
Matt Lingenfelter
Sarah Umberger
Mike Flinn
Suzanne Foltz Shelling
Gary, Peggy, Chris, Patty and Missy McPherson
Erin Flinn
Tim Bruno

Thank you all for joining the team. We couldn’t do it without you!